Wednesday’s Headlines: Harvard Business School Project Shows a Softer Side of MBA Students

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They’re poets and you didn’t even know it. Fortune magazine has a lovely story about a 10-year-old project which photographs graduating Harvard MBAs and features personal essays they write. The writings are often personal and poignant, and not at all in line with the abrasive trader stereotype. The magazine writes:

For students, the Portrait Project is a chance to abandon their bullet-point approach to communication and reveal through prose some inner truth or secret. Sometimes it's writing about a powerful loss that still lingers, other times a public pledge for the future. “Typically, people think of HBS as a place filled with a lot of bankers and consultants who are type-A go-getters,” says Chris Kaleel, a student co-leader with Cantrell. “What the project shows is that there are so many different types of people here.”

Check out the story, which quotes students and features beautiful portraits of the authors. One recent Google hire: “I will build or what I build takes on a life of its own and can have meaning and purpose beyond the time I live. I will build to win, not to define myself but to further ourselves … to unleash our infinite ability.”


Other News:

Fourteen percent of investment bankers did not receive bonuses last year, up from 6 percent in 2010. [Bloomberg]

Nationstar moves into the mortgage servicing space with a $10.4 billion acquisition of residential-mortgage-servicing rights from BofA. [WSJ]

Blackstone offered $50 million to hedge fund Senrigan Capital to allow it to invest alongside it. [Reuters]

Regulators scrutinize J.P. Morgan. [WSJ]

Wire-house pay is approaching that of indie advisors. [Investment News]

Ousted J.P. Morgan CIO may face clawback. [CNN Money]

Federal disability insurance funds are set to dry up in 2016. [Businessweek]

Americans have an increasingly poor view of Wall Street. [Pew]

Fidelity National Information Services is being scrutinized by regulators. [WSJ]

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