Thursday’s Headlines: Sex and the Workplace

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Hand it to Businessweek. The magazine keeps it real with its story offering practical tips balancing one’s libido with professional ambitions. A story about sex and the business world highlights what can go wrong when you sleep with a co-worker (women get harassed, the firm gets sued), as well as how women can be discriminated against in the macho world of Wall Street (women don’t get invited to client meetings at strip clubs). The story also hands up some harsh rules of the road:

  1. Don’t sleep with or date co-workers. Re-consider dating fellow MBA students.
  2. Don’t dress like a skank and just say no to unwanted advances (which, if you follow rule No. 1, should be all advances).
  3. Watch the booze.
  4. Take it to HR if the suitor just won’t take a hint.


Other News:

Goldman will name fewer than 100 new partners this fall, one of the smallest classes in recent years. [DealBook]

Morgan Stanley is in talks with private equity firms for its commodities unit. [WSJ]

Nasdaq will set aside $40 million to settle investor disputes related to technical glitches in Facebook’s IPO. [CNN Money]

Apax Partners has lost more than half of its partners in the last five years. [Reuters]

Isbank of Turkey has been mandated by the Pakistan Central Bank to buy HSBC’s branches in Pakistan. [Reuters]

GreenOak Real Estate, run by a former Morgan Stanley team, has raised $300 million for a first fund to invest in U.S. real estate and is raising a fund for Japan. [Bloomberg]

Gene Yoon, who worked in the special situations group of Goldman Sachs, has secured $500 million for a new private equity fund. [Bloomberg]

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