Thursday’s Headlines: MBAs Should Broaden Their Job Searches

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If you’re not landing the job of your dreams, maybe you need a new dream. That is the subject of a blog post on Businessweek by Roxanne Hori, associate dean of corporate partnerships at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

“Graduates who are still in job-search mode often limit themselves by narrowly defining their job search—and thus put more pressure on themselves,” she writes. “You may need to map out a different strategy and broaden some of your criteria without giving up on your longer-term goals.”

If you are fixed on a certain job, city or company, your options will be severely limited. If you haven’t landed a job yet, hopefully you’ve figured that out already.

Hori suggests taking time out of your job search to work with a career coach, or reach out to your MBA’s career services center, which are usually open all summer long “contrary to popular belief.”


Other News:

Wells Fargo may move tech jobs to India and the Philippines. [Bloomberg]

JPMorgan Chase is dismantling its derivatives business with the help of hedge fund BlueMountain. [WSJ]

J.P. Morgan’s Dimon is the best paid bank CEO. [CNN Money]

KKR is selling its Australian logistics company Bis Industries, valued at $1.8 billion. [Reuters]

Blackstone is teaming up with BC Partners to buy Iglo for $3.5 billion. [Reuters]

Vanguard is thriving while competitors languish. [Businessweek]

Goldman COO Gary would like to be chief. [Bloomberg]

Deutsche ended talks to sell its real estate investment business Guggenheim. [NY Times]

Nelson Peltz told Lazard that its bankers are overpaid. [Bloomberg]

The Association of British Insurers scrutinized exec pay at Xstrata. [Telegraph]