Goldman Sachs Senior Partner and Mezzanine Chief Resigns

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After 24 years with Goldman Sachs, Muneer Satter, the firm's head of Mezzanine Partners, announced his retirement today.

Satter will be leaving to continue to serve as a co-chairman of Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's National Finance Committee and as a board member of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's not-for-profit World Business Chicago, which helps attract new business and jobs to the city.

In his statement, Satter said he would stay with Goldman Sachs forever if he could, but that starting next month, "I look forward to spending each day and evening with my wife and five children. In addition, I plan to pursue my many entrepreneurial, charitable and political endeavors."

Satter said he has agreed to remain as vice chairman of the Goldman Sachs Foundation and GS Gives and will continue as chairman of the Foundation's investment committee.

After joining the firm in 1988, Satter moved to London four years later to head Goldman Sachs' merchant banking efforts in Europe, the private investment arm of Goldman Sachs. He was named managing director and a partner of Goldman Sachs in 1996.

In 1997, Satter returned to New York and assumed responsibility for the Goldman Sachs Mezzanine Partners (GSMP) funds. Since 1999, Satter and his team raised more than $30 billion of capital for the Mezzanine Funds, making Goldman Sachs the global market leader in the mezzanine business today. The Principal Debt Group now manages over $25 billion of assets including the Mezzanine Funds and the Loan Funds.

Satter indicated his responsibilities will be handled by co-head of PDG, Tom Connolly and Rich Friedman, the head of the Merchant Bank and chairman of the investment committee.

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