Around the World: Why Moving Into Infrastructure May Be a Good Idea

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If you do it early enough, moving into infrastructure could be an eminently sensible career choice

Infrastructure-related roles on both the buy side and sell side are one of the few bright spots in an otherwise muted recruitment market. And the sector looks set to provide steady, sustainable opportunities in the future, too. [Australia]

Another indication that investment bankers are being spared from job cuts in the Nordic region

Investment bankers and traders are generally not an appreciated commodity in most countries currently – most firms have cut jobs and rumors of further layoffs are emerging on a regular basis. The exception, however, seems to be the Nordic region. [Denmark]

These are the jobs Scottish financial services recruiters are struggling to fill

If you have good experience in credit risk, IT middleware, collateral and derivatives or fund administration/accountancy, there are Scottish FS employers looking for you. [Scotland]

No end in sight to I-bankers’ woes in Asia Pacific

The axe is making its rounds yet again in Asia. As previously, investment banking – particularly equities – is bearing the brunt of the cuts. [Hong Kong]

Forget the CBI. Forget the 11,000 banking job losses. Things might be looking OK-ish

Superficially, it looks bad. There have been 11,000 job losses in the UK according to the latest report from the CBI and PWC. They’re all in banking. Doom. But is it really that bad? A closer look at the CBI/PWC report suggests it isn’t – at least not if you work in investment banking. [UK]

Absa’s under fire, but there are still opportunities there

Suddenly being owned by Barclays does not seem such a good thing for Absa. First, South Africa’s biggest retail bank was downgraded to A3 from A2 by Moody’s as a direct consequence of its UK parent’s downgrade. Then Absa shocked the market by issuing a profit warning, saying its first-half earnings may be up to 10 percent lower because of the increase in bad debt costs related to mortgages. [South Africa]

RBS glitch could lead to more tech jobs in nearshore locations

RBS’s technology debacle, which left millions without access to their cash for four days, has been blamed on a “junior operative” in India. RBS is still shifting jobs out there, but the case highlights the risks of continued cost-cutting and off shoring in IT. The result could be more jobs coming to nearshore locations like Belfast, Scotland, Dublin and Bournemouth. [Ireland]