Around the World: What it’s really like to lead a team of private bankers in Asia

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There are two problems in London’s financial services jobs market: there are few jobs and there are few candidates

Recruitment firm Morgan McKinley updated its estimates for new jobs and new candidates in London, in financial services. They show two things: jobs are still a lot lower than before the fall; candidate numbers have collapsed in the past six months. [Luxembourg]

What it’s really like to lead a team of private bankers in Asia

Jackie Pang is an executive director and team leader at Coutts Hong Kong. She graduated with a degree in commercial economics in the Netherlands, followed by an MSc in financial management from the University of London. Pang has worked at Coutts for nearly seven years. She speaks to eFinancialCareers about her career. [China]

Reflections on the integrity of Norwegian fund managers

What is it that separates Nordic financial professionals from their counterparts on Wall Street and in the City? Well, for one, it’s a refreshing sense of openness and – if this account is to be believed – it’s also a keen sense of integrity. [Norway]

Hidden opportunities in Middle East private equity

On the face of it, private equity recruitment is dying a death in the Middle East – despite some signs of optimism over a potential recovery and around $5 billion in "dry-powder," key regional players have been struggling and smaller firms are tipped to shut up shop this year. However, finding a new job may simply be a case of targeting your application. [Middle East]

Anger as AIB freezes pay until 2014, but staff claim their pay has been frozen since 2009 anyway

Imagine if you didn’t have a pay rise for five years. This appears to be the fate that has befallen staff at AIB. [Ireland]

Chinese investment banks face global talent challenge

Chinese investment banks are becoming bigger players globally as they strive to support mainland businesses overseas, but a skill shortage is holding them back. [Hong Kong]

Guest Comment: Some small sparks of optimism in a hesitant insurance hiring market

The news is really mixed in the Australian economy. The Treasurer will tell you that our economic fundamentals are sound. Yet the Reserve Bank has cut interest rates to almost GFC levels. Wages are high, but so is the cost of living. Australians are saving rather than splurging, and the feedback we consistently receive from candidates is that they are nervous about their careers. [Australia]

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