Around the World: Salary Jump Figures at Nomura are Deceiving

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Salary increases of 79 percent sound super at Nomura. The reality is rather different

On the surface, it’s a story that could have easily riled up public sentiment against bankers. Nomura’s top managers have been awarded pay rises of 79 percent for the last fiscal year – even as net income at the firm declined by 60 percent and the value of its shares fell to their lowest level in 37 years last November. [Japan]

How good is your English? Fluency can increase your earning potential by three times in the MENA region

This may seem slightly self-evident, but a good grasp of the English language means you earn substantially more working in banking and finance in the MENA region. [Middle East]

How to recalibrate your thinking so that you excel at work without becoming a crazed workaholic

These are challenging times. People are losing their jobs. Keeping your job may seem contingent on high performance, day after day, week after week. Keeping that up may be a little stressy. It need not be. [UK]

The emerging importance of gender diversity in China

In 2012, female employees accounted for 42.7 percent of China’s workforce, which is among the highest rates in Asia, according to the All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF). But further progress is needed. A recent ACWF report on workplace discrimination shows that 20.9 percent of pregnant female employees are forced to leave their companies or accept a lower salary. And 56.7 percent of female college research students say they have fewer job opportunities than their male counterparts. [Hong Kong]

Can you “transform”? You may actually be able to land a job at a big four bank

Market conditions are making it difficult for banks to increase revenues, so they are naturally looking to reduce costs in order to improve efficiency and profits. Off-shoring, layoffs and recruitment freezes are all testimony to this. But while many job sectors are suffering as a result, at least one remains relatively in demand: transformation. [Australia]

GUEST COMMENT: In general, I would say Asians struggle to progress in non-Asian banks

I’m sure I’m going to touch a few nerves when I say this, but despite the shift eastwards in global economic power, Asians (defined as those coming from the Asia-Pacific region) will never progress beyond a certain point in non-Asian banks. [Russia]

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