Around the World: Commodities Jobs Migrate from Europe to Singapore

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Commodities professionals bid Europe farewell as jobs come to Singapore

Singapore remains a sweet spot if you’re working in commodities. [Singapore]

Is it now better to work for a big, rather than boutique, fund manager in the Nordics?

Mattias Hagen is a powerful man in the Nordic wealth management sector. In a (very long) interview with Citywire, he points out that a boutique fund manager could soon be a shaky place to work. [Denmark]

Growth in Islamic banking in Africa opens up employment opportunities

Islamic banking has shrugged off the financial crisis. In the world, Islamic finance assets have grown at double digit rates over the past five years and have now broken the $1,000bn barrier. In fact, the crisis has made Islamic banking’s ethical and risk-sharing approach all the more attractive and contributed to its growth well beyond the traditional areas of Asia and the Middle East. [Middle East]

It’s still possible to move from the back to the front office, especially in Asia, says a finance professor

Stoyan Stoyanov, PhD, professor of finance at EDHEC Business School, talks to eFinancialCareers about the growing hiring appetite for professionals in risk and investment management in Asia. [Hong Kong]

2012 bonuses for M&A analysts: recruiters’ predictions for this year

Now is the time for analysts to start wondering how much they will make. European M&A was down 9 percent year-on-year in the first quarter and there hasn’t been much respite since, so they could be forgiven for thinking they won’t be paid much. [UK]

Guest Comment: If you spend two years as an analyst in an investment bank, a whole world of exciting opportunities will await you

If you can stick it out for two to three years as analyst in an investment bank – especially a tier one investment bank, then believe me – it will get better. If your investment banking experience is with a tier one firm, you will be coveted by employers outside banking. All those skills: modeling, building valuation models, analyzing cash flows and doing PowerPoint slides, come in useful in many industries. [South Africa]

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