Seven essential interview questions to ask employers who have recently cut jobs

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We live in interesting times. It’s not uncommon to hear of financial firms who have begun to selectively hire just mere months after retrenching staff.

Given that layoffs have hit many organizations, job seekers need to take extra care in sussing out the longevity of each potential role before coming on board.

Clem Cull, partner at Boyden, suggests quizzing the employer during your interview. “This is your chance to ask the hard questions. There’s no point walking out of the interview, then getting your recruiter to ask the questions that you wanted to but didn’t.”

And while usual courtesy rules apply, sometimes being direct is best. “With the tough questions, you’ve got to gauge it. Sometimes you can’t sugar coat them – you’re better off just asking them.”

So what should you ask? Here is Cull’s recommended list:

  1. What is your team size?
  2. Is the team going to grow?
  3. What’s your firm’s outlook and strategy for the year?
  4. Has there been staff turnover recently?
  5. Is there a defined career path?
  6. What is the culture of the organization?
  7. The firm was in the media a few months ago for layoffs – what happened then?

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