Around the World: Saudi is the Gulf’s Hiring Hot Spot

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The enormous pressures facing private bankers in Asia and the subsequent dangers for them and their clients

Recently there has been much criticism about wealth managers who resort to quick-fix strategies to boost revenues. Yet it would be naive to think only long-term plans should be implemented in an industry that focuses heavily on generating revenues – especially in these challenging times. [Hong Kong]

It’s party time: Why Chinese banks love team bonding

Chinese employers are stepping up their team building activities this year in an effort to boost morale and help achieve annual performance goals. One Chinese financial services firm recently held “success seminars” for hundreds of its employees. [China]

Results to our bonus survey suggest the highest, most performance-oriented bonuses are on offer in commodities. M&A bankers are barely paid for performance at all

It’s been a while, but we can finally bring you the headline results, by sector, to our 2011 bonus survey. As you will see, commodities professionals purport to have received the largest payouts, compliance professionals the least. [UK]

If you want to work for an international bank in the Gulf this year, move to Saudi

There’s a message coming out of a number of international banks when it comes to their presence in Saudi Arabia – it’s time to expand. [Middle East]

There will be politics when you join a bank as a graduate or intern. This is how to work it

“Thanks for dropping in.” So the communal dogsbody (a rival intern) declares loudly as you leave while your VP is in earshot. It’s 11 p.m. Only four other people in the M&A team are still in the office and it’s your second week. You are ready to die from mind-numbing sleep deprivation. [South Africa]