Around the World: Expansion in the Middle East and North Africa

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Two investment firms talking up MENA expansion

Private equity is an obvious exit option for any investment bankers considering their career choices currently and, as we’ve touched upon before, it’s offering decidedly more job opportunities in the Middle East and North African region. [Middle East]

So far, the majority of Nordea’s wholesale banking cuts have hit Russia

Nordea is still implementing around 2,000 job cuts and, as we’ve pointed out previously, is relying on voluntary redundancy and natural attrition. So far, its investment bank has been relatively unscathed – in the Nordic region at least. [Denmark]

If you want to find a job in South Africa, become an actuary

In these uncertain economic times, young people with their feet on the ground want to know what studies will deliver a job for them. South Africa, like the UK, currently has record youth unemployment but also an acute shortage of skills in a few key areas. [South Africa]

Blackrock may be hiring in Dublin and here’s how to make €300k

Good news if you want to work for the world’s largest asset management firm: Blackrock is opening a new office in Dublin. Inside Ireland reported at the weekend that the firm, which has $3.5 trillion under management, plans to open a new office in Ireland soon and intimated that it will be hiring staff here. [Ireland]

Less stress please: Why work-life balance is now a hot commodity for Chinese financial professionals

Work-life balance as a staff retention tool is gaining traction this year as the pressure on financial-sector employees in China mounts. In 2011, there were several cases of highly-stressed young professionals who died from overwork. Thanks to those incidents, candidates have become increasingly aware of the importance of a balanced life and have listed this in their criteria for a job. [Hong Kong]

Job numbers are increasing for IT contractors, but contracts are shrinking and pay is still firmly depressed

After a gloomy six months during which jobs were slashed and daily rates were cut by up to 20 percent, the situation is starting to look up for IT contractors working in investment banking. [UK]

Bank of America wants to expand dramatically in Russia, and yet its people seem to be leaving

As regulatory reform opens up the Russian market, Bank of America is moving into a position that will allow it to capitalize on potential growth and is seeking to gain a banking license in Russia. [Russia]

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