Around the World: What it takes to beat students in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for an analyst job

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Expats are demanding 20 percent to 30 percent more to work in Abu Dhabi or Qatar

An increasing number of expats have slowly come to realize that not all the best financial services jobs are in Dubai, and more and more are considering options in the likes of Abu Dhabi and Qatar. However, they’re also demanding more money. [Middle East]

This is how good you’ll have to be to compete with the best students in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for a job as an analyst

Ever year, the CFA Institute runs the "CFA Institute Investment Research Challenge (IRC)." An annual competition for university students across the world, it requires students who enter to work in university-based teams and put together a presentation on a company in the style of an analyst working in an investment bank or fund management firm. [Scotland]

This very detailed compensation survey for corporate finance, equity research and sales suggests the only place people got paid more for 2011 was… Moscow

Do you work in equity research, equity sales or corporate finance? Within corporate finance, do you work in mining and metals, oil/gas/energy/utilities, alternatives/renewables/biotech, or FIG, telecoms/media/technology, infrastructure/property/transport? Are you in a similar sector team in research? Do you want to know precisely how much you should have earned last year? [Russia]

Jobs growth and high turnover in Chinese insurance, but expats still struggle to find work

The Chinese insurance market is expanding in first-, second- and third-tier cities, backed by local government and big SOEs, according to a report by Deloitte. For foreigners, however, getting an insurance job in the mainland is difficult. [China]

Here are four groups who will benefit from doing an MBA (most of them are people who like to party)

I do love my classmates, but I don’t love the price tag that the MBA came with. For those of you whose dreams I may have dented, I want to offer a contrary perspective (at least in the first half of this blog). These are the people I think an MBA degree is suitable for… [Singapore]

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