How Not to Write a Cover Letter When Applying to an Investment Bank

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The Web site Business Insider has availed itself of a cover letter sent by a student at New York University to J.P. Morgan. The letter is part of the student’s effort to gain a place on J.P. Morgan’s summer intern program and is a perfect example of how not to write a cover letter, which is why we've reproduced it for your perusal. Some of its more notable errors include:

  • Referring to Morgan Stanley while applying to J.P. Morgan
  • Hoping to "augment one’s character" while at work
  • Quantifying an ability to bench press and do pull ups
  • Describing oneself as “unequivocally the most unflaggingly hard worker I know”

If you are a student wondering how to write a cover letter, we have some practical advice here, or here. Do not take the letter below as a template.


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