Around the World: Even disappointed bankers in China aren’t looking to move

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It shouldn’t be a bumper season for candidate movement, despite bonus disappointment

Post Chinese New Year is normally the season for candidates to move companies after obtaining their bonuses, but this year employees at Western banks in China are playing it safe. Even disappointment with their bonuses isn’t enough to convince many to look elsewhere. [China]

SocGen’s Russian strategy suggests the best Russian investment bankers have a retail or corporate banking past

Do you want to work as an investment banker? Or as a corporate banker? Or do you want to work as an investment banking/corporate banker? In the Russian market, the two roles are very blurred. [Russia]

THE INSIDER: The four things which will determine what you’re really worth in banking

We live and work in an industry where it’s all about markets and market value. We know – or think we know – the value of everything. But all too often we don’t know the value of individuals. How much are you really worth? [UK]

COMMENT: Financial institutions in Bahrain are still paralyzed with fear

A year on from the "Arab Spring" uprising in Bahrain and the financial sector in the kingdom is still paralyzed by uncertainty and fear. [Middle East]

If all else fails, become a recruiter: This and four other tips to save your career after a layoff

What’s an unemployed i-banker to do in this morose job market? Hong Kong-based Mark Verrall, practice director, financial services, The MRI China Group, has this advice. [Hong Kong]

Why you should want to work for the Nordic watchdogs

Financial watchdogs in the Nordic region are beefing up their operations in response to the financial crisis. But does that mean they will be looking to hire experienced staff from financial institutions? [Denmark]

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