Around the World: British Grads Spill the Beans on Banks’ Interview Questions

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Investment banks’ graduate interview questions

What questions will you be asked if you interview with an investment bank, either as a graduate or as an intern? As ever, we have some sample questions for you. The list below has been sent to us by eFinancialCareers readers. [UK]

The Insider: Here’s my short and not so sweet view of the Hong Kong employment market

Hong Kong-based investment professionals face strong headwinds because of the sharp deterioration in global market equities since May last year. Hong Kong’s own market has been battered by international macro economic uncertainties, which have chipped away at investor and market-participant confidence. [Hong Kong]

Commentary: It’s not sufficient simply to be a perfect robot if you want to make money in finance now

Back in the big banks’ glory years, clever professionals progressed up the ranks almost mechanically, like perfect robots programmed to achieve their appointed tasks. In that environment – now a forlorn memory – just pulling levers on established businesses was enough to post higher numbers every year, and if one wasn’t richly rewarded for it, there was always the credible threat of switching firms. The industry is being humanized in the process. The old perfect robots didn’t feel fear, but anyone with a desk still to go to is very human now. [Sweden]

Steady, steady, steady: Why there’s always work in superannuation

Overall employment growth remains steady in the Melbourne superannuation market as mergers, MySuper and self-managed funds help drive demand for jobs. [Australia]

Commentary: I quit banking for baking and I have no regrets

I’ve been living in Dubai all my life, and working in financial services for the last nine years – three and a half of those as director of brokerage at Rasmala Investments. I discovered a passion for investing after subscribing to an IPO in 2004, which went well, and it sparked something that inspired me to take it up as a career. I worked as a prop trading for a couple of years, before taking up a role at a company called The Analyst where I spent nearly five years. This isn’t the whole story, however; for the last seven years I’ve been a majority shareholder at Appetite Catering Services, and have recently quit my position in finance to focus full-time on this project. [Middle East]

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