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Tuesday’s Headlines: Credit Suisse turns risky assets into employee bonuses

Credit Suisse will pay some of its 2011 bonuses for top executives in risky assets, repeating a move the bank first used three years ago to transfer risk from its balance sheet to employees, Reuters reports.

Switzerland’s second-largest bank will launch a new instrument for this purpose, PAF2, named after the original “Partner Asset Facility” issued three years ago. The original PAFs were built on leveraged loans and mortgages and have since soared in value, while the new securities will pay a fixed coupon and are unlikely to fluctuate much, Reuters writes.

"We believe it is a good instrument that will support both the firm's strategic transition by helping reduce risk and pay a good return for employees in most scenarios," the Credit Suisse memo said, according to Reuters.

This strategy allows the bank to free up cash much needed before new regulatory capital requirements come into effect in 2013.

Credit Suisse will own the weakest segment of the PAF portfolio, forcing it to absorb the first $500 million of losses. Further losses will reduce the principal payments made to bankers at maturity, Reuters says.


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