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Using Technology to Take Your Job Search Global – The Internet Resume

If you’re a financial professional looking for work, you’re probably feeling a bit frustrated with headlines on layoffs appearing daily. Where are the stories about banks that are hiring? They’re there, but they don’t make the front page.

Maybe it’s time to think outside the borders. The U.S. is just one country among many with financial markets and many others, especially emerging markets, seem to be growing and thriving a lot better than ours at the moment.

We are, after all, a global economy. I recently walked into a local used bookstore and asked the owner who their customers were. She replied that 95 percent were outside of the city with many out of the country. They order books from her store’s Web site. Moreover, foreign buyers were willing to pay top dollar.

Utilizing the web to promote you or your resume could just be your ticket out of the world of unemployment and a way to secure a new job or even new business. This is real-time global marketing that works for you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The key is in knowing how to use it.

An Internet Resume

So how do you optimize opportunities around the world? First, you need to customize your online resume with attributes and credentials best suited for the types of positions you seek. An internet resume is designed somewhat differently from a normal resume. It’s more of a niche curriculum vitae that targets various types of work.

Next, take those attributes and credentials and brand them to the public using various Web sites, social media, e-mail and other channels. The key here is to make sure that interested searchers and parties know about your capabilities and your business excellence.

Further, you must make sure that your Internet presence portrays you in the highest light and in the highest truth. In the end, it helps those who are seeking professionals like you.

Typically, your specializations are the way that you’ll help other companies and other people increase productivity. In this economy, the way to get paid your highest value is to convey the impression that you are indispensible and cost-effective.

It also helps to use such digital-tactics as employing the most prolific and most searched keywords and key phrases on your Web sites, social media and resume. That way if people are searching for a certain product or skill, hopefully your resume and Web site have a better chance of coming up in the search.

AUTHORGeorge Mentz, JD, MBA International Lawyer, CEO Board of Standards Insider Comment
  • Ma
    22 December 2011

    This article is the need of the hour for Financial Professionals who seek jobs globally. It will instil confidence in their efforts to find out suitable position.
    Thanks George Mentz !

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.