Thursday’s headlines: NYC Comptroller Calls for Tougher Bank Exec Clawbacks

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New York City’s comptroller called for big banks to issue clawback policies for senior executives in an effort to discourage risky practices. John Liu, who oversees $108 billion in pension funds, filed shareholder requests with Goldman, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley – requesting the banks toughen their policies which allow firms to demand pay be returned in the case of improper behavior, according to a Wall Street Journal article.

Lui said in a statement: “No one should profit or be rewarded with bonuses when engaged in improper or unethical behavior. These tougher clawback provisions will not only recover money that shouldn’t have been paid in the first place, but also set the tone for a stronger standard of conduct for company executives as well as their bosses.”

JPMorgan Chase and Goldman both try to recoup executive pay in the case of material losses – a standard Lui deems requiring unrealistically high standards. He called for all three firms to make all clawback actions public.


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