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People throughout the financial industry are nervous. Whether or not your firm's under pressure, it's always smart to have your resume up-to-date, be in touch with your network and be ready to launch a job search should the need - or the opportunity - arise. To help, we've organized some of our favorite articles into a tool kit on career management, networking, organizing your job search, resumes, cover letters and interviewing.

How to disguise desperation in your resume

Getting Ready for a Video Interview

Four questions you should absolutely never ask in a first interview

The Key to Getting Around the Software that Companies Use to Screen Out Resumes

What To Say When Your Interviewer Asks, "Do You Have Any Questions For Me?"

Preparing for Front-Office Interviews

Resumes, Cover Letters and Applications

Landing Your First Job

The S.T.A.R. Interview Technique

The Famous Five

The Stages of a Job Search

Job Search Checklist

How to Protect Yourself if Layoffs Come

The Layoff Survival Checklist


Managing Your Career

The Resume Center

Cover Letters and Correspondence

The Networking Center

The Interview Center