Global Roundup: Goldman has 25 applicants per open London position; Internal transfers are the way to get to Singapore

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Goldman Sachs may be a 2nd tier bank, but it still has 25 applicants per role

Goldman Sachs isn’t what it was. We’ve pointed out a few times that J.P. Morgan appears to be a better location for traders right now. In today’s Financial News, William Wright places Goldman in a second tier of banks, including BarCap and Citi, that are merely “muddling through.” The new top tier, according to Wright, includes Deutsche and J.P. Morgan, which are “weathering the storm” and seizing market share. [Sweden]

If you're working on a regulatory tech project, you're in a very sturdy position

It's a slightly strange phenomenon that, despite the technology challenges posed by a raft of regulations hitting financial services firms, few have been willing to recruit IT professionals to work on these projects in any significant numbers. Instead, the strategy was to re-prioritize; move people away from front office projects on to regulatory related initiatives, make do with what resources were available in-house and simply shuffle people around. Next year, however, it looks like being a different story. [UK]

Forget the job market: If you want to move to Singapore, try an internal transfer

As banks in Singapore clamp down on costs, they are carrying out less external recruitment of overseas-based candidates. The best route into the city state these days is via a transfer with your current employer, according to a 20-strong panel of in-house financial HR professionals who attended this week’s eFinancialCareers Singapore roundtable. But candidates must first overcome potential managerial objections and be prepared to take a local package. [Singapore]

It’s tough out there: Why some employees no longer care about job offers, pay rises and bonuses

A worsening employment market and redundancies in the financial sector have transformed the expectations and behavior of employees in Hong Kong and Singapore. Compensation was once widely seen as the biggest determining factor when moving firms, but that’s no longer the case. [Hong Kong]

This is how much you should be earning as an MD in M&A in EMEA, Asia, the U.S. and Brazil in 2011

International financial services search firm, Options Group, has disclosed a few data points from its new and comprehensive compensation report for 2011. We’ll be releasing them slowly over the next week. Here’s what they say you should be anticipating, in total comp as an MD in IBD this year. [Middle East]

Q&A: A senior ex-Goldman and Troika banker says what you need to know if you’re doing business in Russia

Entrepreneur and banker Bernard Sucher is very familiar with the Russian business environment. In 1983, Sucher graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Russian and Soviet Studies. Since then, he has worked in the Russian operations of many prominent banks, including Bank of American-Merrill Lynch, Trioka Dialog, Alfa Capital and Goldman Sachs. He recently spoke to Russia Beyond the Headlines’ Pavel Koshkin about his career and the experience of doing business in Russia. [Russia]

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