Global Roundup: Banks hiring private bankers in Asia; Citi still hiring in Asia; Job cuts in Scotland

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Wealth management hiring just won’t die: Barclays, Credit Suisse and UBS still want private bankers in Asia

In a sea of pink slips, private banking in Asia remains a beacon of recruitment hope, if recent announcements are anything to go by. UBS and Credit Suisse have continued to hire private bankers in Hong Kong, while Barclays Wealth plans to recruit 40 to 60 private bankers in Singapore, Hong Kong and India. [Hong Kong]

Citi will fire globally but will hire in Asia

Citi is chopping 4,500 jobs worldwide across a range of businesses. But here’s where the firm is looking to hire in Asia – trade finance. About 50 to 70 new positions are expected to be filled in markets such as China, India, Malaysia and Australia, according to its head of global transaction services in the region. Both Citi and ANZ are ramping up their transaction management services in Asia as “banks seek to grow businesses that provide them with stable, recurring revenues.” [Singapore]

How the banking job cuts are continuing to hit Scotland

Are things really getting better for those working in the state-owned banks in Scotland? If the raw statistics are to be believed, the answer is – quite simply – no. [Scotland]

GUEST COMMENT: How, and why, I decided to switch from investment banking to private equity

Investment banking in the Middle East, much like in other areas of the world, is going through a tough time. Many international institutions have been scaling back in the region, while large local organizations have been making redundancies and re-evaluating their capital markets and investment banking operations. [Middle East]

Are all the best iPad developers and social media technologists being snapped up by the financial sector?

Now is not the best time to be working as an IT contractor in the financial sector. To those outside of the financial services industry, however, the rates on offer are still comparatively alluring. In particular, those contractors currently working in digital agencies on projects related to tablet and smart phone apps and social media initiatives are being swayed by day rate rises of up to 25 percent. [UK]