Monday's Headlines: Citigroup is building a bad reputation in Asia

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Citigroup is attracting a lot of reputational risk in Asia, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

In Japan, the bank is trying to assuage regulators who are "growing increasingly impatient at what they see as the bank's inability to fix regulatory problems that have led to three scandals in seven years."

Earlier this year, Citibank was under fire in Indonesia for an employee's alleged embezzlement scheme and for the death of a client allegedly caused by Citi debt collectors. In Hong Kong, the bank came under scrutiny for failing to spot and report an alleged Ponzi scheme run by an employee.

"Across Citi's vast global operations, the impact of a few bad apples shouldn't be taken out of context, and certainly Citi isn't the only global bank that has problems negotiating a regulatory thicket in multiple Asian jurisdictions," the Wall Street Journal writes. "Still, Citi's management will be concerned about the potential impact of a series of recent missteps."

In Indonesia, the bank has been banned from opening new branches for a year and from signing up new asset management clients. Japanese regulators may also impose temporary bans.

Other News:

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