Friday's Headlines: MF Global CEO Corzine resigns, hires criminal lawyer

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MF Global Holdings Chairman and CEO Jon Corzine has resigned, less than a week after the firm declared bankruptcy.

"The resignation capped a disastrous week for Mr. Corzine, as he saw MF Global lose two-thirds of its market value, file for bankruptcy and face a handful of federal investigations into more than $600 million in missing customer money," DealBook writes. "The decision also signaled a rapid downfall of what was supposed to be Mr. Corzine's grand return to Wall Street-a comeback that began in early 2010, after a roughly 10-year sabbatical that he spent in politics."

Corzine ran Goldman Sachs from 1994 to 1999, and then became a U.S. senator from New Jersey and later the state's governor, Reuters notes.

Corzine reportedly will not seek his $12 million severance payment and has hired a criminal lawyer, according to various media reports.

Other News:

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