Tuesday's Headlines: Recent bad news bodes ill for banks' recovery

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US banks are facing another wave of bad news that could derail their recovery and destabilize the global economy, Wall Street Journal reports.

The newspaper cites a string of recent developments that bode poorly for the financial sector and battered bank stocks on Friday: a lawsuit by federal regulators demanding compensation from 17 firms over soured mortgage deals; disappointing jobs data that could signal another recession, and the Federal Reserve's increased scrutiny of Bank of America's capitalization.

"The stresses in the U.S. aren't limited to big banks," the newspaper writes. "Institutions of all sizes are being hammered by a new erosion in confidence that comes just three years after the industry's near-collapse led to a large government bailout."

The Wall Street Journal points out that banks are suffering under sluggish loan demand, and struggling to cover expenses resulting from new regulations and from lawsuits related to the mortgage crisis.

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