Seven Resumes that could get you a new job in the front office tomorrow

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How can you get a new job in front office investment banking when the world is full of layoff talk and bonus pool protection and even JPMorgan is saying third quarter markets revenues will be down 30%? Answer: you need the right sort of resume.

We asked seven headhunters to specify the sorts of resumes they'd most like to walk through the door in the coming moments. This is what they said. Please note that there's some overlap: a lot of people want real money salespeople with a strong client base; if you have that, you will be fine.

1) Ted Tracey, Consultant at Redgrave Partners.

"Equity derivative salespeople with a proven track record who have been

caught up in banks restructuring and given the time of year are open to

considering opportunities without a guaranteed bonus."

2) Jonathan Evans, Chairman of Equity-focused search firm Sammons Partners

"Equity salespeople who are generating revenues and has a client franchise. Equity analysts who are ranked."

3) David Reynolds, Scott Reynolds Search Partners

"Traders who've made money during the recent turmoil."

4) Adrian Ezra, CEO, ExecuZen

"Anyone who's making money in high frequency trading."

5) Alex Tracey, managing director CP Search

"Any salesperson that has an established client base with real money investors."

6) Russell Clarke, partner at Figtree Search

"Dedicated emerging market salespeople selling local market products to institutional investors in London."

7) Christian Robbins, managing director, Nicholas Scott International

"A salesperson from a top tier flow franchise, preferably in a main asset class like rates, who can bring in $8m - $16m in revenues selling to institutional investors."

8) Anonymous M&A consultant

"High calibre FIG and natural resources bankers."

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