GUEST COMMENT: I hate it when recruiters cold call pretending to have great jobs and then milk you for information

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I hate cold calls from recruiters. My most recent experience went like this (names changed).

Me: "X Bank, Joe speaking. How can I help you?"

Recruiter: "Is Peter there please?"

Me: "Sorry, there's no such person. Perhaps I can help?"

R: "Actually I'm a recruiter and you're also on my list of contacts Joe. What's your surname so that we can update our files please?"

Me: "Uh, sorry, who did you say you were?"

R: "I have job openings in your area with top-tier companies willing to pay good money for the right candidates. We also have candidates in your area and can help with your hiring needs. Why don't you tell me about your team? We have a 'John' listed as well, is he still working there?"

Me: "Sorry, I didn't catch your name or company?"

R: "Oh, my name is Annie from Top Recruiters."

Me: "OK Annie, thanks, but I'm not interested."

R: "I understand this might not be a good time to talk. Why don't you leave your number or email address so we can speak later?"

Me: "I'm really not interested."

R: "You mean you don't want to keep abreast of developments in the market and potential opportunities?"

Me: "I don't need your services, thanks."

R: "It's important for you to keep yourself up to date and know when opportunities arise..."

Me: "Thanks, but no thanks." *hang up*

Usually armed with outdated contact details, recruiters call looking for the previous listed user of your office telephone and then pretend they know you as well. But it's downright insulting to try to suck me in with the lure of great jobs and then squeeze me for information about my team.

Tip for these cold callers: Don't waste my time and yours. To be fair, most recruiters are usually more professional and courteous than this caller, who was amateurish and borderline offensive.

In any case though, surely this must be a low percentage play for recruiters? How many successful placements are made, or useful information solicited, from this approach?

I'm no psychic, but my next cold call from a recruiter will go something like this:

R: ""I have some great jobs that you might be interested in...."

Me: "*hang up* *beep* *beep* *beep*

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