GUEST COMMENT: A major investment bank made me a job offer and then ignored my calls

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I've been looking for a new job for a while, so imagine my delight when one of the recruiters I work with said he had a corporate strategy role at a large bank which I might be interested in.

I attended a first round of interviews with a very pleasant, but recently appointed senior employee who was still on his probationary period. He'd previously been a partner in a well known management consultancy, and I was familiar with him from that time, so the interview went well.

The second round of interviews took place shortly afterwards. In this case, I was interviewed by two mid-ranking staff from the strategy team. It was all standard stuff: they ran through my CV and the projects I've been working on. At the end of it, I was asked to make a short pre-prepared presentation about my ideas for improving the direction of the business. This seemed to be well received.

Three weeks passed and then the headhunter called to say that I was in: the bank wanted me. I spoke to my future boss on the telephone and we met for dinner. And then I waited for the contract. And waited. And waited. It didn't turn up.

Understandably concerned, I participated in a conference call with the headhunter and my 'future boss' and was told the contract would arrive soon. It didn't. Then I was told HR had it. Two deadlines passed and then the bank and the recruiter stopped answering my calls.

That was nine months ago. Needless to say, I have concluded that the contract isn't coming and looking for a different role, so far without success.

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