Despite Mass Layoffs, Bank Jobs Still Cropping Up in Certain Places

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Just when you think there isn't any good news to be had in banking, there's a spate of hiring-albeit selective-especially in a number of mortgage-related posts. But don't expect this round of hiring-and possibly the jobs-to last forever, given it's all related to the downturn and problems in consumer lending.

Check out this rundown of new job opportunities, before it's too late:

Regional and Smaller Banking Players Making Moves

TD Bank announced it is boosting headcount in South Carolina, bringing on board 35 new operations staffers in Lexington, South Carolina. The new hires will be added to research and analysis spots. In addition to new hires, the bank recently filled positions in the operations department. Park Sterling added to positions and offices in North and South Carolina. Meanwhile, U.S. Bank is hiring 300 employees in St. Louis.

Refi's & Delinquencies Adding to Jobs

This one could go into the category of "take lemons and make lemonade". Given the latest wave of refinancing, lenders are adding to mortgage servicing staff, even when they are laying off in other divisions and departments. JPMorgan Chase recently announced plans to bring 700 employees on board for their new mortgage loan servicing division in Lewisville, Texas. Other recent hires there include mortgage underwriting personnel to handle loan modifications in the state. JPMorgan Chase also started hiring in the Tampa Bay area.

Mortgage Serving

With the current state of the economy, the mortgage industry and consumer finance, not surprisingly, is expecting hard times for the near future. Look for additional hiring on the mortgage servicing and underwriting end of the business. JPMorgan Chase reports on its website that of their "in demand" positions, a big chunk are related to consumer finance. Bank of America and Wells Fargo added similar posts in North Texas earlier in the year.