A sneak peek at this year's analyst bonuses

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With all the talk of job cuts, it's easy to forget that it's August. Not only is this supposed to be a quiet period, but it's when analysts are usually find out how big their bonuses will be.

As we've alluded to previously, investment banks have been slow to announce them this year. Some details are beginning to emerge, however.

JP Morgan has unveiled its figures in the US, according to Dealbreaker, and generally most people are fairly pleased. In the front office they are: first-year analyst $70k (42k); second year analyst $80k (48k); and third year analyst $105k (64k).

As we said, everyone is reasonably happy, apart from those who admitted they were leaving and had their bonus sliced. J.P. Morgan is, of course, in a better position than most investment banks currently.

One of our sources, which collates data for analyst bonuses within IBD in the UK, tells us that figures are still seeping in. There's currently not much detail, and they're anticipating completing their research by the end of the month.

However, here are the limited average bonus figures we have so far:

Second year analyst: 50k

Third year analyst: 57k

Our source tells us these are in line with last year. Apologies, there's not much to go on here, but there will be more soon. If you know of anything more specific, let us know below.

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