Nomura Nabs Goldman Exec to Build Up U.S. Equities Client Services

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Nomura has hired Goldman Sachs' Head of Corporate Access for a major U.S. Equities role. The global investment bank announced today that Lori Arndt has joined the firm in a new position as Managing Director and Head of U.S. Client Strategy and Corporate Access.

Nomura is adding corporate access to enhance the U.S. equities services it already provides to its investment banking clients, along with a dedicated client strategy team, under Ms. Arndt's direction.

According to a Nomura spokesperson, the aim of corporate access and client strategy is to provide a forum where corporate executives can engage with smart investors who can then become long-term holders of that company's stock.

For example, in June, Nomura held an investor conference titled the U.S. Media Summit, which was hosted by Michael Nathanson, U.S. Media Equity Research. The conference attracted more than 150 clients who were able to engage with such media heavyweights as the CEOs of CBS, HBO and Viacom.

"Our goal is to create more events like that summit to provide investors with a forum in which they can engage with top ranking analysts and corporate executives," added the spokesperson.

"This is the beginning of our proactive growth strategy in corporate access and client strategies."

The U.S. corporate access team will complement the 80 professional already working in Nomura's other corporate access teams in Japan, Asia and Europe.

Last year Nomura conducted over 50,000 meetings globally and hosted in excess of 80 conferences with over 600 companies.

In addition, Nomura organized non-deal road shows for over 1,000 companies in over 50 cities around the world.

In the U.S., Nomura has posted in the top 10 market share in options, convertibles and agency programs for the last two quarters, based on client commissions paid, and continues to build its product capabilities, with a current focus on its core cash, electronic and research offerings.

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