Friday's Headlines: Goldman Sachs sees traders flee as bonuses shrink

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Traders on Goldman Sachs' North American government bonds and derivatives desk are leaving the firm en masse, Reuters reports.

The news wire says more than a dozen traders have left "as the bank takes fewer risks and big bonuses for ambitious traders dry up." Departing traders have joined Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Nomura, Jefferies and JP Morgan.

Goldman Sachs has been favoring sales people recently, giving promotions and raises to them instead of traders, Reuters says, citing source familiar with the bank's business.

"The changes reflect Goldman's shift toward client trading and away from making money by betting for its own account, those sources said," according to Reuters. "Weak trading in general has compounded Goldman's difficulties as it struggles to earn profits from clients without the help of its market bets, analysts said."

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