Around The World: Hedge fund jobs in Paris, higher costs in Singapore

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19 hot hedge fund jobs are coming soon to Paris

Guillaume Rambourg, the former star trader at Gartmore, is opening his new hedge fund in Paris. Financial News reports that Guillaume has hired 1 person so far (Karim Moussalem, a managing director and head of cash trading at Goldman Sachs) and that he wants to hire approximately another 19 (including operations people). [UK]

Climbing costs and skyrocketing school fees, but most expats still adore Singapore

Singapore's now more expensive than Hong Kong for expat bankers, according to the latest Mercer survey released earlier this week. The republic edged three places forward from last year's ranking, coming 8th this year ahead of Hong Kong's 9th placing. This now makes Singapore the third most expensive Asian destination for expats after Tokyo and Osaka.


Swedbank could soon be on the hunt for relationship managers

Swedbank has rejigged the top table within its new Large Corporates & Institutions (LC&I) division, which could soon lead to more opportunities for relationship managers with knowledge of Nordic "second tier" corporations. Last month, bank has promoted current deputy head Magnus Gagner Geeber into the top job at LC&I, while current head Stefan Carlsson has been bumped upstairs to become a senior adviser to CEO Michael Wolf and the group executive management. [Sweden]

Questioning the hypothesis that rampant poaching is about to break out in the City of London

Any moment now it will happen. You will be sitting at your desk, trying to ignore the putrefaction in the eurozone and someone will call you up and offer you a far better job for far more money at a far nicer employer which is desperate to hire you. Really? Astbury Marsden thinks so. In a press release yesterday, it predicted that aggressive poaching is about to return to the City.


Melbourne and Sydney: Do you think they're becoming one in the same job market?

Many candidates in either Sydney or Melbourne will shift seamlessly between the cities if a promotion and/or better pay is on the cards, say recruiters. Moving has become more common since the GFC, comments Andrew Brushfield, director, Victoria and New Zealand, Robert Half International. "Depending on the candidate and their circumstances, if you're on $70k in Melbourne and offered $85k in Sydney, you'll go." [Australia]

Dubai is no longer an expensive destination, but this doesn't mean more bankers want to move there

Good news; it's now decidedly cheaper for expats to live in most Middle East financial centres. Bad news; this doesn't mean more expat bankers are keen to move to the region. Gone are the heady days of 2007, when spiralling property prices and escalating inflation meant that Dubai was in the top 30 of the world's most expensive cities. According to the latest Mercer Cost of Living Survey - which looks at everything from the cost of milk to the price tag on luxury accommodation within major cities - Abu Dhabi is the Gulf's most expensive location. [Middle East]