Life lessons from the strikingly beautiful blonde model interning at JPMorgan in London this summer

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We have explored the positive correlation between abnormal physical attractiveness and sales jobs in investment banks before. Now, the hypothesis that beauty and female bankers are natural companions is leant further credence by the news that JPMorgan has employed a top model in this summer's sales and trading intern class.

Named Xenia Tchoumitcheva, she's from Switzerland, was runner-up to Miss Switzerland in 2006 and has been awarded 'Best bikini body award.'

Here's a sample photograph, from several available here:


Xenia lives in Chelsea and is at JPMorgan in London right now. A JPMorgan switchboard operator confirmed her presence, but was unable to transfer us as she hasn't been allocated a telephone number.

Attractiveness isn't Xenia's only asset. She also speaks five languages and has a degree in economics from the Università della Svizzera Italiana. On her website, she mentions a"keen interest in business" and to 'follow the capital markets.' She's already interned at Merrill Lynch and London-based hedge fund Duet Group. She's also the 'spokesmodel' for Audi and Burger King.

In the circumstances, it's curious perhaps that Xenia should choose to start on the very bottom rung in financial services. Given that she graduated last year, it's also of some interest that JPMorgan has taken her on as a summer intern - a position typically although not exclusively reserved for current students.

Xenia's blog helps explain motivation for choosing a financial services career. Among her axioms are these:

1) Don't let appearance get in the way of substance

"From a purely commercial point of view you can't sale (sic) hot air forever, production must come first, sales and marketing has to be the last step of the chain."

2) Don't marry a millionaire

"Marrying a millionaire can elevate a girl on the social ring or get her a higher job position, but no money on this world will ever buy her self-respect and the true deep satisfaction that comes from personal achievements. You can buy happiness, but only with the money you truly earn."

Separately, she also appears to be very well connected, having attended the Quintessentially

summer party last year, suggesting connections can also assist aspiring salespeople/traders.