Around the world: Foreign bank invasion could create finance jobs in Australia

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British banks are busting to hire the best people leaving the armed forces

Thousands of people in the British armed forces are losing their jobs. Investment banks are hiring (some of) them. "We come across a lot of ex-services people who move into the City," says Mike Hartwell at recruitment firm Hartwell Buck. "Lieutenants, captains and majors are the easiest to place." [UK]

Bigger bonus potential is swaying private bankers to smaller firms

The continuing poaching frenzy within Scotland's wealth management sector may be less about expansion and more a desire among private bankers to escape to a boutique for greater freedom and earning potential. [Scotland]

Six things you need to know about hiring in Hong Kong

1) Your next job will probably be a replacement or an upgrade [HK]

The top five reasons why you should join a Chinese private bank in Singapore

An anonymous source has told us that a Chinese bank, already operational in Singapore, would be launching a new private banking arm later this year. Our source declined to reveal the bank's name. However, we do know that at least one other mainland firm, Citic Bank International, earlier announced intentions to start its private banking business in the republic in 2012.

So where will Chinese firms look to when it comes to hiring private bankers in Singapore? The talent pool in Singapore is already extremely tight. [Singapore]

International banking invasion could create project finance jobs in Australia

Several foreign banks are trying to set up in Australia on the back of the booming resources sector, and more project finance jobs could be generated as a result. [Australia]

A Russian bank that doesn't (necessarily) prefer hiring Russians

Otkritie, the Russian bank which was officially born earlier this year, has hired seven new fixed income bankers into its London office. Even though they're based in the City, at least three of these new hires appear to be Russian, suggesting a possible preference for people from Otkritie's country of origin. [Netherlands]