Lunchtime Links: There are many, many jobs in corporate banking. And there are many jobs in shipbuilding

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If you don't want to work in any of the areas we highlighted for you this morning, that's ok. There are jobs elsewhere.

Most importantly, there are absolutely loads of jobs in corporate banking at JPMorgan. Financial News elaborates on the immense hiring that has been - and is still - taking place there.

So far this year, FN says JPM has hired more than 50 new corporate bankers globally. It wants to hire another 40 corporate bankers in Europe before December.

If corporate banking isn't your metier, the Financial Times has an alternative. It says there are jobs in shipping restructuring. Blackstone, Evercore and Oaktree are all said to be pushing into restructuring loans related to the building of ships.

The FT quotes Albert Stein, a senior manager in the London office of restructuring adviser AlixPartners, who said several banks have told him they're expanding their ship restructuring services soon.

There is serious consideration now being given to starting the process of selling RBS back to the private sector with a 5bn share sale. (Telegraph)

Stephen Hester wants to work at RBS for another 8 years. (Financial Times)

Conning Asset Management, the third-largest manager of insurance company assets in the world, is planning to expand in Europe by hiring staff. (Financial News)

Goldman Sachs has spent the past year working on a 'seeding fund' to provide hedge fund managers with start up capital whilst taking a cut of their fees. (Bloomberg)

What are the odds there's a plot against Dominique Strauss Kahn. (Clusterstock)

Dominique Strauss Kahn had totally crushed any opposition to the European bailouts. (Telegraph)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, better known as DSK, was having lunch with his daughter at the time when the assault he is alleged to have committed supposedly took place. (Clusterstock)

You can be a lech in France. But don't mess with a New Yorker. Not even in a French hotel. (FelixSalmon)

AIG says its traders and their families were harassed and threatened with violence at their homes after the bailout. One death threat said executives should be "executed with piano wire around their necks." (Bloomberg)

Goldman has 10.8m in unpaid UK tax after not paying employers' national insurance contributions for years. (Bloomberg)

HM Revenue & Customs' high net worth unit, which investigates the financial affairs of Britain's richest 5,000 people, reaped 162m in 2010-11, up from 82m the year before. (The Sunday Times)

'One managing partner at a credit-oriented firm in California said he approaches employees who show physical signs of fatigue, such as dark circles around the eyes, and suggests they take unscheduled days off.' (Financial News)

People will take more notice of you if you engage in 'frequent short pauses' while you're speaking to them. (Physorg)

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