Lunchtime Links: New bonus report says bonuses will INCREASE in 2011, especially in commodities

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Johnson Associates, the US compensation specialists, have released an early set of estimations regarding this year's bonuses. They think they'll be up. Most of all, they think they'll be up in commodities, hedge funds, M&A, and private equity.

Some people might take exception to this. Recent oscillations in the oil price haven't been great for everyone. And yet if you're on the right side of the volatility 2011 could be huge.

Here are Johnson's 'incentive compensation' predictions in full.

Investment banking advisory: Up 5-15%

Investment banking underwriting: Up 5-10%

Equities: Up 5-10%

Fixed income: Up 10-15%

Prime brokerage: Up 5-10%

Equities asset management: Up 10-15%

Fixed income asset management: Up 5-10%

Prime brokerage: Up 5-10%

Hedge funds: Up 10-15%

Private equity: Up 10-15%

The widowmaker oil trade. (Reuters)

"I think wiretaps are a game changer. I can promise you a chill has gone down the collective back of Wall Streeters today." (FoxBusiness)

Most traders would steal if it were a sure thing, according to a blockbuster survey. (DailyBeast)

The people vs. Goldman Sachs. (RollingStone)

54% of traders have an unfavourable view of Goldman Sachs, but they don't think this matters. (Bloomberg)

Steve Cohen: always hiring. (Dealbreaker)

Citadel's co-head of investment banking has left along with all the others. (FinAlternatives)

Allen and Overy has frozen all pay. Newly qualified solicitors will still earn 61k. (TheTimes)

Michel Pébereau, France's most influential banker and adviser to successive governments, believes London must remain a dominant global financial centre. (Financial Times)

Prudential recruits thousands of sales staff in Asia. (Guardian)

Owner of an ethical cereals brand joined Deutsche bankers in a failed tax avoidance structure. (Guardian)

Gadget today, junk tomorrow. (Ritholtz)

I'm just saying that skiing is so incredibly naff. It's like driving a Rolls-Royce. Or wearing a Rolex watch. (MoneyistheWay)

Eight reasons not to hire an M&A advisor and one reason to do so. (Epicurean Dealmaker)

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