It is not true that 80% of people have turned down Goldman's offer of a summer internship

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A rumour began circulating last week that people didn't want to work at Goldman Sachs anymore.

Specifically, summer interns were supposed not to want to work at Goldman Sachs any more. According to US-based site Business Insider, 80% of them turned down the bank's offer of working for it over the summer.

This was mostly attributed to complacency: Goldman didn't chase them, other banks did.

It is not true.

A spokeswoman for Goldman in the US tells us the acceptance rate for their summer internship programme is on a par with previous years both in the US and in the UK and that they have a "robust" internship class starting very soon.

One student at a top UK university says most people he knew who received internship offers from Goldman seemed to have accepted them, although one person turned them down to go travelling. "Most people who reject Goldman Sachs seem to keep quiet about it," he said.

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