Global Roundup: Irish banks hiring recent grads again

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Irish banks are hiring graduates again

The three-year graduate recruitment hiatus within Ireland's domestic banks is over. Well, kind of.Bank of Ireland has formally restarted its graduate programme again this year, in Dublin, Belfast and London, while we understand that AIB has been hiring under the radar for its capital markets division. [Ireland]

GUEST COMMENT: Long only asset managers are mostly of inferior intelligence and add very little value

Forget bashing hedge funds because of their high fees. Long-only fund managers are the ones who are ripping us off. Their performance is disappointing. This is unsurprising: most long-only managers are remarkably stupid. Unlike hedge funds, the industry is dominated by well-connected by not necessarily astute public schoolboys. [UK]

Three reasons to join a Singaporean bank instead of a foreign one

Once upon a time, overseas banks were seen as the Holy Grail for bankers in Singapore. While the foreign firm experience is still pretty sweet, candidates are increasing seeing Singapore's three banks as a viable career option. [Singapore]

Where the opportunities lie for foreign banks and why they need to pay more

Foreign banks in China have been on a fast track in terms of revenue growth over the past two years when the Chinese economy experienced double digit growth. Banks such as DBS, HSBC and Hang Seng saw their 2010 net profit more than double from the previous year. [China]

GUEST COMMENT: In my opinion counter offers can only create career calamities for candidates

With unemployment low and inflation threats rising, the labour market is getting tighter and bargaining power has shifted somewhat to the hands of employees. Staff in Singapore and Hong Kong are hopeful of steeper salary increases in their annual appraisals but not all financial institutions are prepared to be generous.[HK]

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