Global Roundup: Have banks over-hired in technology?

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Have banks over-hired in technology?

After a vigorous amount of recruitment in 2010, are investment banks suddenly finding that they're over-stocked with technologists? [UK]

Watch out Western banks: Haitong wants to take you on

Chinese securities firms and investment banks are increasingly willing to pay high senior salaries in both the mainland and Hong Kong in order to poach bankers from Western rivals. [HK]

GUEST COMMENT: What to expect if you interview for a job in private equity

Things might be looking up for the private equity industry. Companies which have held on as long as they can and endured over two long and hard years of recession, are now desperate for capital. Their equity can be had for next to nothing. Henry Kravis and Steve Schwartzman must be licking their lips. [Luxembourg]


SEB has been recruiting private bankers, shake-up coming at Nordea

SEB has been expanding its private banking and wealth management operations, the bank revealed in Q1 results today, indicating that demand for advisers and other specialists in this area within the Nordic region remains strong. [Denmark]

Young, restless and successful - why job hopping still works for Gen Y in Asia

It's that time of year again in Hong Kong. Bonuses have been paid and those looking for greener pastures have moved or are in the process of doing so. [China]

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