Global Roundup: Guide to Goldman networking, Swedish bankers warm to non-cash incentives, why recruiters trump direct bank hires

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The great and glorious guide to networking at Goldman Sachs

In much the same vein as the Goldman Sachs guide to interview success, it has come to our attention that there is also a Goldman Sachs guide to networking.

It's part of an altogether more comprehensive Goldman Sachs guide to extracting a job offer from a Goldman Sachs summer internship, but could apply to anyone who wants to schmooze their way into the orbit of Michael Sherwood. [Luxembourg]

Nomura hired 700 people in London last year; recruitment in 2010 was merely an aberration

Something curious has happened as far as headcount at Nomura in London is concerned. When he turned up this week to open Nomura's new office, the bank's Japanese president Kenichi Watanabe declared that Nomura had hired 700 people in the London "alone" over the previous 12 months. [UK]

Money isn't everything for Swedish bankers

Banks in Sweden have been tightening their belts when it comes to handing out lavish bonuses to their investment banking staff, but more firms are turning to non-cash incentives to help keep staff motivated and engaged. [Sweden]

Does the high dollar make a difference in the job market?

The Australian dollar continues to hit new highs, yet the robust domestic economy is a more significant inducement for returnees and foreign bankers to start job searching down under. [Australia]

Three reasons why I prefer using recruiters rather than applying directly to banks

One good thing about the recruitment agency business in China is that it is not yet well established, so firms are expanding organically and proactively looking for new business and candidates. [China]

Non-bankers now beat banker in battle to break into private equity

A limited number of vacancies and high recruitment standards are thwarting the ambitions of bankers who want a career in Hong Kong private equity. Non-banking candidates from sought-after industries, however, have a better shot of landing a PE role. [HK]

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