Global Roundup: Banks Seek out Female Execs, Breaking into International IBs, Curse of the Zero Bonus

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Banks Tell headhunters to find more female execs, while Nomura, Morgan Stanley, RBS and Citi appoint women to senior roles in Asia.

In Asia, a string of senior appointments and requests to recruiters to select more women for interviews suggest that banks are starting to make progress on gender diversity. [China]

MIDDLE EAST MOLE: Breaking into the hallowed halls of an international investment bank

You're convinced of your own prowess; you have a top notch education and a healthy track record of revenue generation, yet you're still stuck in a (comparatively tiny) regional investment bank. How do you convince the masters of the universe at the big international firms to let you join the party? [GF]

GUEST COMMENT: Recruitment is a service, not a sales industry

A friend argues that the recruitment industry is all about selling. Recruiters sell themselves to their clients in order to win an assignment and - once mandated, they sell the job to their candidate in order to fill the vacancy. I, on the other hand, argue that a recruiter builds a relationship with a client. [Switzerland]

Sorry, we won't negotiate on salary! Is this the best way to manage candidates with multiple offers?

Multiple offers are making a comeback because overall the job market is candidate short. Although they aren't as prevalent as before the financial crisis, they are causing headaches for the senior HR professionals who attended the recent eFinancialCareers roundtable in Melbourne. [Australia]

The curse of the zero bonus banker: Unloved at home; unwanted anywhere else

Got no bonus or just a sad month's worth? If that's not bad enough, here's rubbing more salt into your wounds: other banks aren't likely to hire you anytime soon.