Monday's Headlines: Banks Are Hungry Again for Corporate Lending

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Corporate lending is looking sunny - especially for companies with less than an AAA credit rating, according to CNN Money. However, since the end of 2008, the sale of corporate bonds with an S&P "A" are up 26 percent and BBB rated bonds jumped 43 percent.

The reason? Demand for yield and a pent-up demand for financing, as corporations have relied largely on cash in recent years.

Other News

Stanford investors sue SEC for losses in alleged swindle. ]Bloomberg]

Goldman resigns from advising Clearwire in an effort to sell itself to Sprint Nextel, a move which irked Clearwire. [WSJ]

Government efforts to encourage mortgage companies to reduce borrower loan balances have seen little success. [WSJ]

Credit Suisse's profits from the Asian-Pacific region are expected to quadruple within four years [WSJ]

JPMorgan Chase and HSBC are suspected of gaining billions from influencing silver prices. [Forbes]

A Fed official suggests an early end to the stimulus plan. [NYT]

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