Global Roundup: Foreign bankers flee Tokyo for Singapore and Hong Kong, Japanese work on

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Foreign bankers flee Tokyo for Singapore and Hong Kong, Japanese work on

Singapore and Hong Kong are the most popular Asian destinations as foreign bankers flee Tokyo. And rather than putting jobs in jeopardy, firms are accommodating individual, temporary requests to relocate. However, the main danger for employers is that some experienced expats may decide never to return, say headhunters. [Japan]

Five questions you will be asked in a corporate banking interview in China

Corporate banking relationship mangers are in high demand in China, says Rachel Wu, manager of Hays Beijing. "Banks always wish to know what kind of clients the candidates are dealing with, what products they are selling, their sales performance, their relationship management skills, and their communication skills with both internal and external clients." [Singapore]

Are bankers in Asia becoming too costly for banks?

Up, up and away. That's the steady chorus from different banks as staff compensation climbs in Asia. Last month, HSBC's full-year earnings fell short of analysts' estimates as increased staff expenses outpaced revenue growth, according to Bloomberg. [Hong Kong]

An investment bank is born, and may be still hiring juniors

After its gestation and birth in 2009 and 2010 and some probable potty training in early 2011, yesterday was the day on which Otkritie Securities Limited presented itself to the public. [UK]

Here's what's really happening to hiring, in light of current events

Middle East unrest and the Japanese earthquake and now nuclear crisis are in danger of subduing an already quiet financial services hiring market, say recruiters. Banks were already hesitant about hiring this year; that hesitancy's increased. [Luxembourg]

Australian banks are still open in Tokyo, while other firms are even interviewing, but recruitment will take weeks to recover

Most banks in Tokyo are open this week and some are even carrying out job interviews, despite the devastation in coastal Japan and the nightmare surrounding the Fukushima nuclear plant. [Australia]

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