Global Roundup: The True Size of Bonuses at RBS and UBS

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The true size of the bonus pools at RBS and UBS

Overshadowed by news over bonuses for top execs, bonuses for everyone else were reduced by these banks. [UK]

How to live the Aussie lifestyle but still keep your banking career

Fighting the numbers game isn't easy. But, there are some key ways to find the top jobs in Singapore, whether you're seeking a role in compliance , product control, or risk management. [Singapore]

Big Egyptian investment firms try to reassure staff

The conflict in Egypt hasn't deeply affected those in the region's financial sector, but officials at top financial institutions are trying to calm their staff. [Middle East]

SocGen could be private bankers' preferred destination in Japan

Societe Generale is set to hire more than 10 people in Japan this year, but finding that talent won't be easy. [Japan]

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