Global Roundup: Salaries are on the Rise for VPs

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Soon all VPs will be paid like they're at Goldman Sachs

Neglected in 2009, VPs have - according to headhunters - been stroked gently in 2010. This pleasant treatment allegedly comes at the expense of MDs. [UK]

So just how bad was your bonus? (Hint: a 20% fall isn't actually that awful)

New regulations and lower profits have adversely impacted bonuses for Asian investment bankers, despite higher revenues in ex-Japan Asia. [Singapore]

Candidate to bank: Give me the world

Bank to candidate: Only if you give me China

Asian M&A deals are set to increase yet again this year, resulting in healthy rewards for candidates who speak Mandarin and have a healthy rolodex.

[Hong Kong]

South Africa's hedge funds in optimistic mood

Now that regulations such as the Pension Funds Act have taken shape, South Africa's alternative investment landscape is poised for growth.

[South Africa]

Bahrain's actions will have many bankers fleeing to Qatar and Dubai

Recent protests and violence in the streets of Bahrain have caused financial professionals there to re-think their plans. [Middle East]

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