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simcorp2_thumbThis week we go back to SimCorp, a developer of an investment management system used world-wide, to find out the skills technology professionals to succeed on Wall Street. Among other things: It's not all about your tech skills. Watch 2/1/11

roy_cohen_thumbIf you've been without work for a while, you may feel you've got an uphill battle ahead of you. Not necessarily. You can still create a resume that's fresh and effective enough to get you an interview. Watch 1/18/11

geny_thumbManagers say job candidates born between 1979 and 1995 are plagued with qualities that are tough to stomach. Here's the things they don't like - so you can be prepared to avoid them the next time you go for an interview. Read/Watch 1/4/11

eFC TV: How to Get an Employer's Attention in FinTechSucceeding in financial technology requires a lot more than coding skills. Emma Johnson talks to SimCorp, developer of an investment management system used world-wide, to find out what employers are looking for. Read/Watch 12/16/10

More Reasons You Can Be Optimistic About Your Compensation (with Video)Wall Street compensation experts say bonuses overall are sure to rise this year, and compensation is sure to follow in 2011. But who's going to get those increases - and how much will they get? Read/Watch



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