Global Roundup: Banks in China Find It's Rough Going in Retention Battle

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Turnover rates are sky high in China as banks lose retention battle, says survey

The percentage of banks that are currently losing managerial employees is almost double the average for all sectors in China, according to the recent Antal Global Snapshot, a survey of job market trends. And the retention situation may be even worse for foreign firms. [China]

What, exactly, is happening to equities jobs at BarCap?

Barclays Capital is making redundancies. According to the Wall Street Journal it's making 600 people redundant globally. According to Reuters, it's cutting 200 people in the UK.

This is not unexpected. [UK]

Scottish asset managers eyeing expansion once again

After a period of relatively subdued growth, this year is shaping up to be one of expansion for Scotland's asset management industry. [Scotland]

Women get ahead in SA banking, but pay lags behind

The good news is that women are allowed and even encouraged to take up jobs and get ahead. The bad news is that the gender pay gap remains a significant reality. [South Africa]

Guest Comment: Warning! If your CV's in the wrong order, it could cripple your candidacy

A CV is a presentation instrument, or more aptly a marketing tool. You have at most 30 seconds to impress whoever gives it a first glance. You want to endorse yourself and solicit interest. While there are no absolute rights or wrongs about the process, here are a few tips that might make your CV a more effective tool. [Hong Kong]

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