Tuesday's Headlines: Rivals Poach Blackrock Executives, But Avoid Getting Greedy

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Blackrock has lost several senior executives to rival firms this year. Now recruiters have pledged to limit their poaching of the asset manager. [Pensions and Investments]

A private equity firm doled out a $350,000 base salary to a recent Wharton MBA graduate, a sign of competition among top private equity firms for talent. [Fortune]

Wells Fargo Securities hired six senior investment bankers covering sectors including healthcare and industrials. [Trading Markets]

Trading pork bellies isn't a great career move. Whike it may be a bull market for some commodities, these contracts are trading, er, thinly. [WSJ]

Law firm bonuses to associates - a bellwether of the legal industry's health - have been steady this year. [WSJ]

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