Global Roundup: The Most Sought-After Sectors in China

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A preview of 2011: The most sought-after sectors in China

Here's our snapshot of some of the job functions which will be at the forefront of hiring over the next 12 months. But how will YOU fare in the employment market in 2011? [China]

Just how much movement will there be in early 2011?

After the winter bonus often comes the move. But will lingering concerns over the GFC mean bankers once again will be hesitant to enter the early year job market in 2011? Or will next year see much more movement than '09 and '10? [Japan]

Middle East financial services: What was hot, and what was not, in 2010?

Unfortunately for the majority of people in the GCC's financial sector, the much anticipated recovery never really emerged in 2010. Things have improved, generally speaking, but some areas have fared better than others. Here's our assessment of the ups and downs of this year. [Gulf]

How to handle those surprising, annoying problem-solving questions at job interviews

The interview is ticking along nicely, then wham: your interviewer hits you with an unexpected and seemingly irrelevant problem-solving question. So what to do when the focus suddenly switches from your skills and experience to being asked how many ping-pong balls there are in China? [Hong Kong]

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