Global Roundup: Here's What Worries HR Executives in Asia

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Would you lie about your current bonus to get a bigger guarantee from a new employer?

It's a talent-short job market, with quickening approval times, rising salary expectations and a few candidates who lie about their bonus plans: those were some of the key issues raised at the recent eFinancialCareers Singapore roundtable, which was attended by 16 in-house HR professionals from leading international and local financial institutions. [Singapore]

Good news for IT applicants: The Big Four banks still need more nerds

Recruitment for finance technology roles at the Big Four remains buoyant as banks clamour for staff to help them update, integrate and expand their IT systems. [Australia]

Transaction banking recruitment in China is red hot right now

It may not be the most glamorous part of financial services, but transaction banking is seeing plenty of hiring in China. [China]

Signs that Tesco Bank is willing to pay well for the right people

In a sign that Edinburgh-headquartered Tesco Bank has deep pockets for taking on the right people, we understand it's recruited Rick Hunkin as its new chief risk officer, who was reportedly earning 300k in his role at Northern Rock. [Scotland]

Barclays Capital cuts jobs in UK but not in Africa

The City's loss could be Africa's gain. Barclays Capital announced it's begun a consultation process to reduce headcount in the UK. But the investment banking arm specified that it would "continue to hire across those parts of the business that are growing." [South Africa]

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